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Alaska/Yukon Moose

These giants of the Yukon are found throughout our concession. Boats, horses and backpacking will assist in your pursuit of North Americas largest antlered game.

Catering to all hunters, with a special emphasis on bowhunting, MacMillan River Adventures provides opportunity for taking some of the finest specimans harvested annually. A review of the latest edition of the P&Y record book indicates that many of the top Yukon entries were harvested in our concession.

          2010 PRICES

10 Day Trophy Moose Hunts - $ 18,950.00 USD

We here at MRA know that the economy is struggling so we are trying to do our part to help out! 

  • Horse or Boat
  • Trophy Harvest Fees
  • Grizzly $ 8,000.00 USD
  • Caribou $ $5,000.00 USD
  • Black Bear $500.00 USD

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